Joshua's Story






Hello, my name is Joshua Evans. I’ve been building furniture since I was sixteen years old and it has taken me all over the world. In 2015 I established Evans Joinery in Southern California to provide my clients with furniture that was handmade, personal and most of all built to last. 




I grew up in small fishing town in the South West of England and from a young age I took to building things from wood. At fourteen years old I took a part time course at the local college, when I had finished school at sixteen I started a three year apprenticeship building everything from doors, windows, tables, as well as site carpentry, roofing and kitchen fitting. It was after my apprenticeship that the call to build furniture really took a hold of me. I was lucky enough to move to California after meeting my future wife who lived there and got a job in a wood shop building solid wood furniture as well as doors and kitchens. 

During my time in California I had the opportunity to travel to Austria to help restore a 1920’s Chateau right on the edge of a beautiful lake. It was a great eye opener into how versatile the carpentry trade really is and how its needs are serviced all over the world. After returning to California I decided to start my own company and in 2015 Evans Joinery was born. Since then we have gone onto provide furniture for some major hotels and business in the southern California region the Montage Hotel in Laguna Beach being one of them and have had the honour of being published in such magazines as Nobleman, Orange Coast Magazine and

After ten wonderful years in California my wife and I decided to move home to the English Countryside were I can further focus on building sustainable furniture and devoted myself to designing and making handmade furniture to be used and enjoyed by its owners. There is another great honor in building furniture that is not only sustainable to the planet but serves as a deeper connection with who we are as people. The furniture we have in our homes tells our story. It tells our guests, our friends and our family who we are and where we’ve come from. It speaks into our creature comforts and creates the space in which we choose to live. Furniture is so much more than just objects to be used or things to have because we know others have the exact same piece in their home. Furniture expresses our character our individuality it tells the story of where we are going and where we have come from.

At Evans Joinery we like to think of furniture as the heritage we get to enjoy, cultivate and leave behind of a life well lived a life full of adventure, furniture uniquely picked at a special moment in life, it is something worth investing in and something worth passing on to others.  It is also the heritage we inherit from the fond memories of exploring Granny and Grandads house the memories spent there and now our children enjoying those same pieces of furniture being given new life and new purpose.

Furniture to us is all about the Heritage we live in, cultivate, and enjoy today. Thats why we gather our materials from sustainable sources and take time to use traditional joinery and hand tools to give each piece a unique look and feel its why we’ve devoted ourselves in becoming craftsman to pass on our heritage.


Joshua Evans.