The New Yorker.

The New Yorker.

This month and all of January I had the pleasure of building a few select pieces from my collections for a wonderful client who is originally from the same county as myself in England.



This experience was such a beautiful moment as a business owner to be able to make a product and invest so much time and energy into building a company that connects with people from all over the world and to come full circle in a way by relating with people from my home County who also have ventured out in to the vast world and still find a way to connect and find community through hand made furniture. 

The pieces will be shipped to New York and be enjoyed in a new contemporary Farm home, I hope for many many years to come. I would have never thought that I would be building my furniture in California for a client in New York who was from the very same County I lived in until i moved to out west some nearly ten years ago.

I've always loved and felt honored to be able to build furniture for people who have really invested in their homes. Home is such a special place and what we chose to fill it with really reflects us as individuals so you can imagine how thankful I am when someone chooses to bring something I've made into their home.



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