Chairs & Designing

Chairs & Designing

This past month has ushered in the beautiful spring time blossoms which always rejuvenates the soul and brings forth new vision and new design. I am excited to be working on a new collection line one of which i hope will last far beyond my time and which can be enjoyed for many generations for collectors and makers alike.

As the hypocotyl of a seed pushes toward the surface to grow up into the direction of the all nourishing sun its faced against much pressure from the topsoil before breaking forth and becoming. Such is the same with the growth and ever changing world of running a business and having the design inspiration to continue building furniture which people will enjoy as well as serve its functional purpose over the duration of its life.

Designing is always an exciting process for me, I remember when i first designed the Waterloo Collection based of one of my all time favorite pieces the Evans End Table. Building the collection to fit an esthetic i could truly relate with was invigorating, to see each piece come together and begin to hold its own personality as well as pull people into its own orbit who could envision the piece in their own home is a feeling quite unparalleled in many careers.

Chairs have become one of my favorite pieces of furniture to build. So much energy and effort goes into building furniture and the chair in my opinion is the only one which after such strenuous dedication, passion and joy encompasses you and literary invites you to relax and enjoy the labours of your work.

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